#INFLCR - Episode Two - The Cause

The Influencer (#INFLCR) Journey continues. In this episode, Jim Cavale and his wife Yazmin leave a snowy South to head to Los Angeles for #INFLCR brand growth opportunities with a prominent Pac-12 school and an innovative sports agency, along with sitting courtside for the USC-Oklahoma game at the Staples Center.

After the quick trip to LA, Cavale returns to headquarters at Innovation Depot in Birmingham for INFLCR’s first prospect call with a professional sports team from the NFL.

Through this episode, Cavale provides a look at how #INFLCR’s mission goes beyond its product by being a business in Birmingham that is turning heads, with recent visits to its Innovation Depot HQ, by venture capitalist Mary Meeker of Silicon Valley-based Venture Fund, Kleiner Perkins, and Dr. Condoleezza Rice, an Alabama native and the former U.S. Secretary of State.

It also provides a brief look at how #INFLCR serves the community. With each new client, #INFLCR helps fund new mentorship through the Aspire Movement (link to aspiremovement.org), a Birmingham-based ministry that helps develop mentoring relationships for fatherless children. The organization has grown to more than 200 mentor relationships in its third year, and #INFLCR was able to present its first check to the cause at Aspire Movement’s Second Annual Celebration.


  • Los Angeles, California
  • Birmingham, Alabama


  • Wasserman Media Group
  • Joe Crawford, #INFLCR Sports Data Research
  • Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins Vice Chairman
  • Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. Secretary of State
  • Danny Wuerffel, 1996 Heisman Trophy Winner


  • Expanding the vision to the west coast
  • INFLCR’s first prospect call with a professional sports team
  • Visits to HQ from venture capitalist Mary Meeker and Dr. Condoleezza Rice
  • Aspire Movement’s annual celebration and donation

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